Make Chocolate Bonbons With Rubber Silicone Molds, Not Plastic

A perfectly glossy chocolate bonbon is a work of art. Despite the laboriousness of executing these decadent confections, a pristine-looking result makes all that effort worthwhile. But given that so many things can go wrong during the chocolate-making process, it's wise to take as few risks as possible to ensure your hard work doesn't go to waste. One of the biggest tips that we stand by is using the right molds. For the best results, put down the plastic and reach for rubber silicone trays.

Silicone and plastic aren't interchangeable. While they might share similar traits, they're totally different materials that behave in totally different ways, which is important to consider when shopping for the right mold. Though factors like durability and cost definitely play a role in choosing an ideal mold, the biggest reason why you should always opt for silicone trays instead of plastic is that they're extremely user-friendly, which is a huge benefit for bonbon-making newbies. Silicone Hot Pad

Make Chocolate Bonbons With Rubber Silicone Molds, Not Plastic

Since silicone is a flexible and non-stick material, this means that chocolate confections can be effortlessly released from their molds without having to bang trays on the counter or pry the treats out — actions that can seriously affect the aesthetics of a dainty and delicate bonbon. That said, the ability to remove confections from their molds with ease also means that silicone molds can achieve more intricate and detailed designs, unlike plastic versions that make demolding unnecessarily complicated. But rubber silicone boasts a few other helpful qualities.

Along with being ultra-lightweight, silicone molds are pretty durable. In contrast to stiff and sturdy plastic molds that are more susceptible to scratching and cracking, rubber silicone trays are fairly resistant to the typical wear and tear involved with making chocolate bonbons. Plus, silicone can even withstand a wider range of temperatures — unlike plastic, which can warp under extremely high heat.

Perfect as silicone may sound, there are some things to keep in mind when working with the material, namely when it comes to handling. For instance, because rubber silicone is so malleable, it can border on flimsy, which is why it should always be placed on top of a flat tray before filling. Additionally, achieving a shiny finish with silicone can also be a challenge. But with proper tempering, an impressive sheen is still possible. Lastly, in spite of its durability, silicone has a tendency to hold onto aromas and flavors. The solution? Always use gentle cleaning agents and properly dry trays to avoid compromising quality.

Make Chocolate Bonbons With Rubber Silicone Molds, Not Plastic

Silicone Bakeware For Air Fryer Suppliers Regardless of which chocolate you work with and which ingredients you use to fill bonbons, rubber silicone molds will produce the most stunning results, time and time again. As simple as they are both to use and maintain, you'll barely have to give your bakeware a second thought!