Lantech Introduces Automatic Stretch Wrappers and Carton Packaging Systems | Food Engineering

RL Automatic ring stretch wrapper. All images courtesy of Lantech

Lantech has introduced new automatic stretch wrappers and carton packaging systems, including its new RL Automatic ring stretch wrapper. The high-speed machine wraps up to 180 loads per hour largely without operator intervention. The metered film delivery feature increases wrapping force, while the load seeking clamp protects against film tears by welding the film end to the load. With wrap cycle control, the film stretch can be adjusted during operation via the control panel. The optional extra automatic roll change allows the film rolls to be changed automatically. The RL Automatic stretch wrapper is suitable for load dimensions of up to 120 0mm x 1200 mm x 2700 mm. Coil Slitter

Lantech Introduces Automatic Stretch Wrappers and Carton Packaging Systems | Food Engineering

The QL-400XT semi-aut omatic stretch wrapper saves time on each wrapping cycle with the XT Cut & Clamp feature. The film is gripped and cut at the end of the wrapping cycle. The operation is mechanical and does not require a separate compressed air supply or power supply. The Load Guardian control system creates profiles with the appropriate retention force for frequently occurring loading applications. Users process up to 35 loads per hour with the QL-400XT stretch wrapper, where the film can have a maximum pre-stretch of 300%.

The QL-400 semi-automatic stretch wrapper has time-saving features.

The CI-1000 automatic inline carton erector processes up to 25 cases per minute, accommodating varying sizes and type of cartons and closures. The dimensions of the cartons can range from 200 mm x 150 mm x 150 mm to 500 mm x 325 mm x 520 mm. 

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Lantech Introduces Automatic Stretch Wrappers and Carton Packaging Systems | Food Engineering

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