The Best Crystal Chandeliers For Under $200

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Hanging a crystal chandelier from the ceiling can make a beautiful addition to any home, whether a modest cottage or a sprawling mansion. Different chandelier designs complement contemporary, eclectic, modern, rustic, and traditional homes alike. However, in order to integrate such an extravagant light fixture, you'll need to consider its specifications before committing to your purchase. Overstock encourages aspiring home decorators to choose a chandelier with a suitable diameter and height for the designated location. This furniture supplier recommends adding the length and width in feet of your total room, then changing that number to inches to determine the diameter of your chandelier. Balcony Light

The Best Crystal Chandeliers For Under $200

Regarding the height, there should always be about three feet of space between your chandelier and the table or countertop below it. If you plan to hang your chandelier over an empty space, you'll want at least seven feet between the light and the floor. This keeps a chandelier from appearing too low-hanging and from accidentally hitting the heads of visitors and residents in your household. You should also consider whether a chandelier is built to operate indoors or outdoors, how much light it gives off, and how its style fits with your interior. Many interior decorators also recommend that you stick to products that are Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or Electrical Testing Labs (ETL) listed. Associated Environmental Systems explains these certifications provide quality assurance that a product has been extensively researched, optimized, and tested.

Just because you're trying to stay within a $200 budget doesn't mean you need to forgo these room design recommendations or certifications. There are crystal chandeliers on the market that fall within a reasonable budget and serve their purpose well. You can check out the list below for top-rated chandeliers priced under $200.

The Willa Arlo Jaquelin Chandelier features a classic candelabra and dangling crystal style reminiscent of traditional chandeliers from the 15th century. With a 4.7-star rating from over 500 reviewers, you can trust this hanging light to be an exceptional addition to your interior. It comes in 10 colors, including black, chrome, pink, purple, red, silver, white, and three variations of gold, making this fixture appropriate for loud and muted rooms alike. The chain is height-adjustable from 18 to 72 inches allowing you to fit it above your bedroom, foyer, living room, or dining area.

This chandelier is built to provide ambient lighting, allowing you to set the mood with its dimmable feature. The manufacturer recommends fitting the four candle-style lights with incandescent bulbs. Its classic design appears to be inspired by the first rock crystal chandeliers from the French Baroque period in Europe (via Italian Lighting Centre). All color options are UL listed for dry locations, ensuring they are safe to use in dining rooms, hallways, kitchens, office locations, and reception areas. The UL rating also establishes that this dangling candelabra can be used in rooms with occasional moisture or humidity as long as there is enough ventilation. No matter where you place your chandelier, cleaning will be a breeze — all you must do is wipe it dry with a clean cloth.

Purchase the Willa Arlo™ Jaquelin Chandelier from Wayfair starting at $140.

The Calisitti Mini-Chandelier from the Home Decorators Collection features a drum design inspired by chandeliers from the Federal Period in American history. This era was roughly from 1780 to 1840, and chandeliers were often covered with a drum-shaped shade that softened the light output of bulbs (via Wentworth Studio). Although its past inspirations were shaped to dim light, this modern drum-inspired lighting has a different purpose — it's built for style. The array of dangling crystals is arranged around the fixture's diameter, giving this piece a glamorous aesthetic. It has a nearly five-star rating from over 300 reviewers, with 99% of customers recommending this purchase.

You can buy this top-rated chandelier in a polished chrome or matte black finish and choose between three widths. Only the smallest option is under $200, but despite its reduced size, it still has the same features as its larger counterparts. It features three slots for lightbulbs to provide ambient lighting. You can also program it to have dimming capabilities. The hanging chain is adjustable and can be attached to sloped ceilings, and the manufacturer recommends only placing this chandelier in dry, interior locations.

Purchase the Calisitti Mini-Chandelier at Home Depot for $169.

With a style that resonates with the Flapper Era, the Rosdorf Park Tiered Chandelier has 87 reviews averaging a 4.7-star rating. This four-tiered crystal arrangement is a statement piece representing the 1920s and 1930s and would befit any elegant or glam style room. It has an adjustable chain and can be hung between 13.2 and 78.7 inches. It can also be placed as a flush mount, which attaches the top of a chandelier directly to your ceiling without using chains or wires.

If you've already chosen a color scheme for the room you're decorating, you should know that this chandelier comes in three finishes: brass, black, or chrome. The varying metallic colors make it easier to pick the option that best complements pre-existing furniture and decorations. Keep in mind that you should group your metal tones together. If you have warm-hued metals, such as brass, copper, and nickel, you should pick the brass finish. On the other hand, if you have cool-hued metals, such as chrome, silver, and stainless steel, you should opt for the chrome finish (via Bandd/Design). The black option is more versatile and can fit in rooms with mixed hues or no metal at all.

Purchase the Rosdorf Park Tiered Chandelier at Wayfair for $133.99.

If you're looking for a chandelier in a wider style, the Maxax Rectangular Crystal Chandelier is the perfect choice to hang over kitchen countertops and dining room tables. This unique chandelier is held by two chains and comes in two styles; one with dangling raindrop-shaped crystals and one with glass bulbs assorted in a wavy pattern.

The metal chains and steel wiring that attach the chandelier to your ceiling are adjustable and easy to install. If you prefer to hang this chandelier flush to the drywall, you can remove its hanging accessories and directly attach the base to the ceiling. The raindrop design has a silver surface and clear glass, while the wavy option has a gold finish painted over the fixture's base. Both options cast a downlight, providing ample lighting for any room you place them in.

This pendant light takes LED lights, which are highly recommended for homeowners. These bulbs stay cool while lit, making them safer to handle and less likely to overheat their lighting fixture. Using the correct bulbs in this chandelier will help assure its long lifespan and bright illumination. There are nearly 50 reviewers that gave this product an average of 4.9 stars, affirming that this light is both practical and beautiful in modern home interiors.

Purchase the Maxax Rectangular Crystal Chandelier at Amazon for $189.99.

Fans of the drum-style chandeliers will be happy with the glamorous Pamina Chandelier by Edviva. This design features a circling of aluminum tubes around a centerpiece of dangling crystal pieces, which causes four lights to reflect and shine throughout your room. Its chrome finish and clear glass design make it fitting for elegant and modern interior styles.

The chandelier is ETL listed, meaning it's been tested by Intertek, a 130-year-old company that ensures product quality by attributing its label to tested items. Being listed ensures this chandelier complies with national lighting fixtures standards (via Intertek). Previous purchasers have given this chandelier five stars out of five, appreciating its enchanting appearance and claiming that photos don't do it justice.

Keep in mind that this hanging light is dry-rated, making it suitable for indoor areas. Depending on your preference, you can use incandescent or LED bulbs and program the light to be dimmable. When hanging the chandelier, you must ensure the outer ring is level with the dangling crystals. Therefore it is recommended that you get assistance during assembly to ensure you set up this product correctly.

Purchase the Edviva Pamina Chandelier at Home Depot for $170.

Contemporary and modern homes aren't the only styles that can benefit from dazzling crystal chandeliers. The Lampundit Farmhouse Chandelier has a rustic design that maintains a country vibe while featuring crystal accents. This candelabra-inspired light is denoted as a "French Country" style by the manufacturer, and it comes with an off-white and iron brown finish. It can be installed on all types of ceilings; flat, sloped, slanted, or vaulted, and it has a simple design that fits most farmhouse and industrial-style rooms.

Reviewers give this chandelier a 4.9 rating, commending its charm in various locations. One review claims to have used the fixture in an outdoor tent; however, you should avoid placing this chandelier in an outdoor location long term. The fixture is dry-rated, making it susceptible to natural weather and moisture. With this in mind, you should choose an interior location instead of your balcony or porch.

Purchase the Lampundit Farmhouse Chandelier at Amazon for $179.99.

If you seek a crystal chandelier that balances sophistication with a unique touch, check out the Chally Globe Chandelier by Mercer41. It has an average of 4.8 stars from over 600 reviews, with many people praising this fixture and its antique copper finish. The compact crystal chandelier is encased in crisscrossed metal strips to form a globe shape.

This design is unique from other top-rated chandeliers because it is listed for damp locations. According to Take Three Lighting, the chandelier can be placed in locations with regular exposure to moisture. You can use it in humid areas, such as your laundry room, and in outdoor areas with overhangs. However, despite its resilient craftsmanship, you should avoid placing it in areas directly affected by rain and snow. It is moisture-resistant, not moisture-proof.

The chain is adjustable from about 20 to 40 inches, while the chandelier is 18 inches tall. Maintenance is simple; you must use a damp cloth to clean the crystals as dirt and dust accumulate. Remember that if you place the chandelier in an outdoor location, it will be exposed to outside elements and need to be cleaned more often. Luckily, this chandelier is made of iron, which is more resilient to outdoor exposure than other metals.

Purchase the Mercer41 Chally Globe Chandelier at Wayfair for $184.99.

Another traditional design is the Saint Mossi Maria Therese Chandelier. This stylish chandelier has an average of 4.5 stars from 745 ratings, and it comes in three color varieties and two sizes — all of which fall below a $200 price point. You can choose between silver, bronze, or gold, and the silver and gold colors come on either a four- or five-light chandelier. They have a brushed finish, which gives the metal pieces a textured appearance that adds complexity to contemporary and traditional room designs.

This chandelier takes on a very historical design and is fashioned after the popular light fixtures from England's Regency and Victorian periods (via Bellacor). Both the four- and five-light options have a similar "hot air balloon" design with connected crystal chains and dangling glass pendants. The tiered rings of electric candles and glass embellishments hide the supporting stem of this fancy light fixture. Reviewers commend these chandeliers for their low price but high value and classy look.

Purchase the SM Saint Mossi Maria Therese Chandelier at Amazon for $119.99 to $139.99.

The Alijah Tiered Chandelier by Willa Arlo showcases a unique design not seen on the other chandeliers in this list. This hanging light is crafted with metal branch-like stems topped with glass leaf-shaped crystals. The artistic piece melds rustic and glam themes to make a statement piece suitable for any decorative style. The four lights provide ambient lighting and can be programmed to dim with an accompanying switch. You should know the chandelier also meets UL requirements and is dry-rated for most interior environments. Another unique feature is that it is Nevada R100-19 GSL and Washington 19.260 GSL compliant. These specifications guarantee the chandelier meets strict efficiency standards set by the Nevada and Washington state governments (via

Over 800 people have reviewed this product, giving it an average 4.6 rating. Although the chandelier is built to hang from a chain, verified buyers also attest that it can be attached flush to ceilings. Traditional, antique, country, and boho rooms best fit this nature-inspired piece.

Purchase the Willa Arlo™ Alijah Tiered Chandelier at Wayfair for $189.99.

Add a touch of sci-fi to your home with the Stuart Sputnik Sphere Chandelier by Etta Avenue. Made with real crystals, this petite metal chandelier has a bursting design of metal arms tipped with mini glass spheres. The metallic base has a chrome finish, containing eight lights that reflect in the various crystals to scatter light across the room.

In addition to its eccentric design, this spherical chandelier is both ETL and UL listed, meaning it's been tested by both quality assurance companies. Keeping this chandelier in great condition requires placing it in a dry area, but you can use a damp cloth during occasional cleanings. The manufacturer also recommends using a feather duster to help clear buildup from the many branching pieces of this quirky light fixture. Despite its uncommon shape, the chandelier has overwhelmingly positive reviews praising its functionality and presentation. Nearly 100 reviewers have given it an average 4.8 rating, placing the light in kitchens, foyers, bathrooms, and other locations in their homes.

Purchase the Etta Avenue Stuart Sputnik Sphere Chandelier at Wayfair for $145.

Another eclectic chandelier is the Modern Crystal Chandelier, which is a statement piece crafted with stainless steel and K9 crystals. This is a three-ring design encrusted with one of the most popular crystal types on the market. K9 crystals are crafted to have maximum clarity, causing their glass to shimmer when exposed to light (via Sofary Lighting). This creates brighter and more consistent lighting patterns, which is why this crystal is a favored option for chandeliers and was chosen for this fixture's craftsmanship.

It's hung from metal wiring, which is adjustable from 11.8 to 47 inches, and the manufacturer recommends placing it in rooms around 50 to 65 square feet. You can also adjust the shape of the rings and how they lay against each other, giving you more customization over the appearance of this light. You should keep in mind that assembly is more complicated than other chandeliers, but over 100 reviewers still left an average 4.7 rating for its finished result.

Purchase the Generic Modern Crystal Chandelier at Amazon for $89.99.

Taking its inspiration from the Parisian Empire, the Regina Empire Chandelier is a beautiful design only available online. The English Regency inspires this crystal piece, and it is defined as a "tent-and-bag" chandelier. According to the Italian Lighting Centre, this chandelier style was designed to cut costs when glass taxes increased several centuries ago. The shape was made by using leftover broken pieces of glass, which were arranged closely together to form this unique design.

Although the tent-and-bag shape isn't solely used to cut costs any more, the style lives on in glam and retro-inspired interiors. This chandelier comes in two sizes: 10 or 12 inches. It has a metal base with faceted crystal pieces inserted between the framing. A perk of this chandelier is that it comes with an eco-friendly LED bulb already included, allowing you to install and turn on your light without needing to make an additional purchase.

The hanging chain can be adjusted, but you cannot hang this chandelier directly from the ceiling. Due to the bulb-shaped top, there is no way to attach it in a flush fashion. Since the chandelier is nearly a foot or a foot long, depending on the size you pick, you should ensure your ceiling is high enough before committing to this purchase. Remember that you need three feet of space between the chandelier and a furniture surface or seven feet between the chandelier and the floor.

Purchase the Jonathan Y Regina Empire Chandelier at Target for $141.99.

While most chandeliers are adjustable and can be hung on chains and wires, some models are specifically made for flush placement. The Giselle Chandelier by River of Goods is one of those designs and features an etched metal base with dangling crystal pendants. The base is polished nickel and has slots for three light bulbs. It's roughly 18 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 12 inches high, making this a better choice for smaller rooms unless you intend on purchasing multiple to create a set.

It has a 4.4 rating, and reviewers commend it for being lightweight and easy to install. The material isn't as sturdy as other metal chandeliers, but it is a great option for people who live alone or don't want the hassle of hanging a heavy-duty lighting fixture. The light shines through the bottom and out the sides of the etched metal, ensuring it can brighten up a space, and it appears more luxurious than the cost implies.

The Best Crystal Chandeliers For Under $200

Home Light Purchase the River of Goods Giselle Chandelier at Target for $139.99.